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FADALAND — Guest-house a Iosseliani family in Mestia (Georgia, Svaneti)


Journey to the Sky

Lizi Vachnadze's "Journey to the Sky" is a snowy story told from the height of patrimonial towers, a tale of Svanetian dream and reality, issues and novelties… We'll get to know what keeps tourists from all over the world coming to Mestia, ushguli and Becho, and what Svans are afraid to lose. We'll see how medieval way of life comes across modern technologies in Svanetia's mountains and families…

Author Lizi Vachnadze
Operator Giorgi Vatsadze
Sound editor Tengiz Asitashvili
Editor Lika Komakhidze
Producer Tinatin Dvalishvili

© 2011 Kanal PIK TV
First Caucasus News
(Tbilisi, Georgia)